MedDevNews, Q4 2023

Ending 2023, economic uncertainty, declining reimbursement rates, cybersecurity, and talent scarcity have been identified as the industry’s biggest risk factors, leaving some parties less optimistic about this year’s financial outlook. However, England has been hearing an increase in discussions related to M&A and capital raises and is optimistic that 2024 will not be as slow as 2023. In addition, budget increases will come for line items such as transformative technologies such as AI, leaving industry leaders more optimistic for 2025.

England & Company Healthcare Investment Banking team closed multiple transactions in Q4 2023 in the orthopedic medical device and extremity markets. Notably, England facilitated the strategic relationship between Extremity Medical and Henry Schein, with Henry Schein being a significant new entrant in the orthopedic extremities market. The England team completed four orthopedic transactions in 2023 and tops the global rankings in investment banking for orthopedic companies.