Micatu Senior Notes

January 2021 – England Securities is pleased to announce that it served as the exclusive placement agent for Micatu, Incorporated (“Micatu”) in its growth financing of $10 million in preferred equity from Wave Equity Partners.

The financing will support the company’s continued global expansion and ongoing deployment of its proprietary GridView optical sensing platform for industrial and utility grid measurement solutions.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with the team at England & Company for these transactions and to execute our capital plans and strategic opportunities going forward,” said Michael Oshetski, CEO and President of Micatu. “They have terrific depth of expertise and keen insights into the power infrastructure and industrial technology markets we look to disrupt and the processes we look to optimize. They are particularly attuned to where the industry is headed with the energy transition, DERs, and the grid-edge sensors and AI driven automation technologies necessary to modernize the grid for a sustainable future.”