Trilliant Surgical Acquired by DJO

January 2021 – England Securities served as the exclusive financial advisor to Trilliant Surgical LLC in its sale to DJO, LLC, a subsidiary of Colfax Corporation (NYSE: CFX). This represents England’s third M&A transaction in foot and ankle orthopedics, and England’s fourth in orthopedics more broadly in the last 18 months.

Trilliant Surgical, based in Houston, Texas, is a growing manufacturer and marketer of a full line of foot and ankle orthopedic implants, covering forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot procedures. Trilliant’s novel Arsenal Foot Plating System allows physicians far greater flexibility and speed in implant placement for greater ease of use, reduction of waste, and potentially reduced O.R. time. Trilliant is a portfolio company of The Catalyst Group, a private investment firm located in Houston and Austin, Texas.

Commenting on the transaction, Jon Olson, Chief Executive Officer of Trilliant Surgical, said: “As a foot and ankle champion since 2007, we are excited to join the DJO family and expand Trilliant Surgical’s positive patient impact globally. DJO’s unparalleled commitment to new product development, their iconic brands and strong growth trajectory will accelerate Trilliant’s ability to grow, innovate and improve patient outcomes.”

“We are extremely pleased to have partnered with England & Company for this transaction,” Olson continued. “England’s team did an exceptional job, particularly in the face of Covid-19. Their extensive knowledge of the potential acquirers helped us find our ideal strategic partner. In addition, England played an instrumental role in optimizing the terms of the transaction and the outcome for us. We received partner-level attention throughout and great support from their entire team.”

DJO is a leading developer and distributor of high-quality medical devices that provide proven solutions for musculoskeletal health, joint reconstruction, vascular health, and pain management. DJO’s extensive range of products and integrated technologies address the orthopedic continuum of care from performance and mobility to surgical intervention and post-operative rehabilitation; enabling people around the world to regain or maintain their natural motion.